Fans for all the refugees that didn’t have it

Summer in Gevgelija, the hottest city of Macedonia, can be quite challenging to deal with, especially for the refugees in TC “Vinojug”, since they are trapped there without being able to go out and refresh themselves. Also, not all of them had air-conditioners or fans in their rooms.

She is the First and she is a Girl

After one of the most difficult 4 hour journeys of my life, we finally arrived to Tabanovce, at the border with Serbia. Again, we were met by the smiling faces of volunteers who gave us food. Everywhere there were happy people who gave us full assistance. This time, my mother asked for medical...

Happy World Refugee Day!

Simultaneously, the Legis activists, together with the female refugees, created a women's safe space culminating in a jewelry workshop. Two female Legis activists facilitated the workshop by assisting women with taking care of their children, who also attended the jewelry workshop, and...

Legis Bringing the Warmth of Iftar in Refugee Camps

Legis team treats all refugees as equals, so it is not infrequent that our activists are seen having iftar together with the refugees that are observing Ramadan. We try to bring warmth and solidarity to the transit refugee centres by celebrating and enjoying the iftar experience together. As...

Sadija Klepo in a working visit to Legis

In the upcoming days, Legis NGO will be the host of Ms. Klepo while visiting the refugee centres in the Republic of Macedonia, during which the needs and possibilities for future cooperation for the well-being of the refugees will be established.

When pain becomes a routine - you can always add a little bit of color

The Legis team regularly organizes art workshops with the refugees in the transit camp of Gevgelija. This time, our workshop was women-focused, as one of the most vulnerable groups in the current refugee crisis. The workshop was also attended by the refugee women’s children.

Refugees's human rights are violated

From 31st of May till 1st of June in the rooms of MSF in Brussels a conference was held to the significant humanitarian organizations and initiatives that were actively participating in the fields, unselfishly helping the refugees in 2015 and 2016.

Regional Stability on South East Europe

He mentioned the changes of the law for asylum that Legis initiated, after which refugees were enabled free entrance, registration and mobility in Macedonia during 72 hours.

Women on the Move

General Secretary of LEGIS, Mersiha Smailovikj, was invited from Oxfam and the UN Women Europe and Central Asia Regional Office.

The Muslim family - rights and duties

In conclusion she mentioned the cooperation with the Islamic Community in Macedonia which gave special help to the Legis team to help refugees, since they are actively involved in the field. A special joy was the organization of the Eid prayer in coordination with the IC in Macedonia and the...

Appreciated gift for Legis

Finally, he called our team in his container to surprise us with a drawing dedicated to Legis. He said he is immensely grateful for our kind work and he feels special connection to us, so he decided to express his thankfulness through art.