Iftar for Students

On 11 June, Legis organised an iftar dinner in Jeta restaurant for high school and university students at which 92 persons were present.

Legis at the Prime Minister’s Iftar Dinner

The president of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, Zoran Zaev, threw an iftar dinner in honor of the Holy Month of Ramadan, for the President of Parliament, Talat Djaferi, the members of Parliament, for government members and advisors to the Prime minister, his collaborators, the...

Iftar of Legis for Partners

On May 31, 2018, Legis organised eftar dinner in cooperation with its generous donors to which all Legis’ close partners, collaborators, government institutions, supporters, donors were invited. The dinner took place on the occasion of the fasting during the Holy month of Ramadan.

Savour my cuisine!

Legis NGO is opening a call for young people from the Republic of Macedonia for the purpose of participating in the 5th intercultural workshop. The one-day workshop will take place on the 12 June in Tabanovce transit centre for refugees, Kumanovo.

Eftars during the Holy Month of Ramadan

By tradition, as in previous years, this year, too, Legis organizes eftars (dinner) and sehours (breakfast) during the holy month of Ramadan for the refugees/migrants in the transit centres in Macedonia.

Food as a social glue between refugees and locals in Macedonia

On May 28, Legis held the fourth intercultural workshop between refugees and locals in Tabanovce camp. The workshop involved community-building between refugees and locals by means of preparing traditional local dishes, as well as traditional dishes of Syrian dishes.

IOM Workshop: Enhancing Counter-Trafficking in Crisis in the Western Balkans

On 8th of May 2018 in Budva, Montenegro, IOM organised regional conference and workshop on subject: Enhancing Counter Trafficking in Crisis in the Western Balkans. There were present organisations that works with migrants and anti-trafficking from Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania, Montenegro, Serbia,...

Training course of Legis in Bosnia

On 12th of May 2018, in organisation with the Centre of Education and Research “Nahla” from Bihać, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Legis held a one-day training named “Humane Treatment of the Refugees” aimed at volunteers and activists of various NGOs, as well as representatives of the Ministry of...

Let’s share a meal!

Legis NGO is opening a call for young people from the Republic of Macedonia for the purpose of participating in the fourth intercultural workshop. The one-day workshop will take place on 28 May in Tabanovce transit centre for refugees, Kumanovo.

Donation of a Vehicle for a Single Parent

Thanks to regular donors who quickly responded to the call for donation, a vehicle was bought, and afterwards all the bureaurocratic procedures were completed, such as obtaining paperwork, then registration and getting car plates, technical vehicle inspection, etc. In the end, the president of...

Syrian, Macedonian and Albanian Women Share Their Experience with Migration

On 27 April, Legis organized the first public debate as part of its awareness-raising campaign on migration, under the title of “Migration through the Eyes of 3 Women”. The event was organised within the framework of the project "Building Bridges: Intersection of local, migrant and refugee...

Legis continues with video story-sharing for awareness-raising

Legis has recently started an awareness-raising campaign with focus on sharing of personal stories of people with migrant/refugee experience, in cooperation with Stella. The campaign draws a parallel between refugees that have transited or are currently in Macedonia on the one hand and local...

Human trafficking prevention training

Why are refugees a particularly vulnerable category when it comes to human trafficking? To what kind of risks are they exposed? What are the specific risks to which women refugees are exposed? How can human trafficking be prevented?