Refugees Migration Democracy. The faces of solidarity!

One of the most important lessons that the world learned, especially with building of fences, the closure of the route and the EU-Turkey deal, is that, REFUGEES WILL NOT STOP COMING. As long as there are wars, refugees will seek protection and safety. And this is guaranteed to them by...

Recycling Workshops with Refugee Kids

The last recycling workshop was led by the children themselves, who wished to create a beautiful house made out of the old covers of a drawing block. When asked why they decided to create a house, the children replied: “Now we live in a camp, but we hope that one day we will be in a house”.

Legis at UNITED Network Conference

The conference ended with a 2-day training on hate crime, organised by the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights. 2 OSCE experts trained participants on the significance of hate crime, as well as hate crime monitoring by CSOs, drawing parallels with the current hate crimes...

Access to the rights of asylum and formal/informal return of migrants/refugees

"The right to international protection enjoyed by refugees / migrants and asylum seekers is the responsibility of the authorities that we as Ombudsmen must strive to become fulfilled in each individual case. Migration crisis caused by the refugee wave that hit Europe in the past two years put to...

Europe One seminar

More then 30 representatives from CSOs working on refugee, migration and IDP topics in different countries in Europe took a part at the Europe One - Refugees Mission to Survive workshop in Kiev, Ukraine from 15 to 23 October 2016.

Civil Society for European Integration

More than 20 representatives from CSOs working on different topics in Macedonia had the opportunity to be part of a study visit in Brussels, organized in the framework of the project “Civil Society for European Integration” of the Center for Intercultural Dialogue, the Macedonian Green Center...

Workshop for belly dancing

They were enthusiastic and couldn’t wait to do a belly dance workshop together with our volunteers. First, we made costumes ourselves- we used scarfs and sewed coins on them, and later we brought oriental music and started dancing. It was a great convergence of skills and fun between women at...

Eid Al-Adha

“For a moment, I felt as I was at home hearing him speak our dialect and telling stories about his life in Syria”, says one Syrian refugee. Later, everybody enjoyed eating baklava together and wishing freedom to each other.

Fitness class for women

Every morning at 10 am, when men are asleep and children are playing in the camp, women are happy to go to a fitness class. It’s their favorite gathering of the day, when we all exercise together, make jokes and empower each other to improve.

The Refugee Crisis as Crisis of Policy and European Values

The influence of the European Countries on the closure of the Balkan Route that led to rise in criminal activities connected to smuggling and trafficking in persons was discussed, and the impossibility to stop migration with this restriction, that only raises the danger the people coming from...