Food is our common ground, a universal experience!

The refugees spend their leisure time cooking Syrian traditional food. Legis team saw the necessity of organizing distribution of 20 food packages with different items for this purpose. With the help of donators this came true.

Red Sofa Solution for refugee children In Turkey, among Balkan route

Two girls Heli and Carla who accidentally met in Istanbul, have visited our organization Legis as a part of their long journey. Their main objective is to collect aid for education of refugee children in Turkey and to explain in each and every city and state that refugees are people and we...

Helping Refugees by Travelling with a Sofa

“In order to increase this figure, we envisage travelling through Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Italy, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Austria. We will be visiting different cities every day. We are in touch with local organisations so as to get support”, adding...

Building bridge for refugee children - Sofasolution

The action will follow the refugees’ last year paths to move to Central and Northern Europe. Two people will travel by hitchhiking across 13 countries (Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria) starting from...

Jewelry Creation Workshops: From Refugees to Empowered Teachers

In all the activities that we organize, we make efforts to empower our refugee friends to dare hold a workshop with our facilitation, especially women. This is part of our capacity-building program, but also, the deep understanding that refugees often have exquisite skills to share with us,...

Hygiene Promotion at refugee camps

Only those who have learned the power of sincere and selfless contribution to others experience life's deepest joy, true fulfillment.

Solidarity and strength with all refugee sisters and brothers

"It has been approximately 4 months since the Balkanroute was officially closed, which caused a lot of people fleeing war-torn and conflict regions to remain stranded in the transit camps of the Republic of Macedonia. Yet, even in times of harshness and uncertainty, the refugees are still...

Seasaw for children at Vinojug

One of the activities Legis had as a surprise for the refugees in Gevgelija today was a seasaw for children.

Exciting movie nights for children and youth

The movie night is quite popular and well-visited among refugee children and youth, but also children’s parents that accompany their kids to watch cartoons and youth films together. Movie nights are now particularly enhanced with popcorn and carbonated juices as refreshment served by the Legis...

Fans for all the refugees that didn’t have it

Summer in Gevgelija, the hottest city of Macedonia, can be quite challenging to deal with, especially for the refugees in TC “Vinojug”, since they are trapped there without being able to go out and refresh themselves. Also, not all of them had air-conditioners or fans in their rooms.