Volunteer experiences

In context of this electronic magazine that is part of the project "Youths acting for solidarity" funded by the Foundation Open Society - Macedonia, we briefly present the experiences of volunteers who were or are still involved in helping refugees, have worked or collaborated with NGO Legis. ...

How a Syrian refugee family changed my life

It had never bothered me that we were a family forged between a lapsed Jew and Hindu. But that we had become a family of lapsed humans did. Then we met Khaled and his family.

Migrant rescuers accuse EU border agency of conspiracy

A Spanish group which has been rescuing migrants in the Mediterranean since 2016 accused the EU's border control agency Frontex Wednesday of plotting to discredit private aid organisations in order to put off donors.

The Refugee King of Greece

“No risk, no life,” a teenage migrant told me, before jumping on a freight train.

Letting people drown is not an EU value

595. A nice round number, right? It refers to the dead and missing in the central Mediterranean, mostly between Libya and Italy, in the first three months of 2017. The known dead died from drowning, exposure, hypothermia, and suffocation. Horrible, agonising deaths.

EU-Turkey deal fails to stop refugee flow

A year after the EU-Turkey Deal came into force, thousands of refugees remain stranded in Greece. The most desperate try to reach Europe by any means. Marianna Karakoulaki and Dimitris Tosidis report from Thessaloniki.

Detention of asylum seekers

Detention is defined in the recast Reception Conditions Directive as the confinement of an asylum seeker within a particular place, where the applicant is deprived of his or her freedom of movement. Beyond the Directive, the human right to liberty sets out applicable standards in relation to the...

DUBLIN III Returns to Greece

As soon as you arrive in the country of your final destination, you should look for counselling and advice by people there who specialise in preventing Dublin-returns, who can assist with asylum procedures, and who can help you to go through all procedures in the best way possible.