A refugee looks back: what the 1940s teach us about today’s crisis

In the late 1940s, an intransigent Congress made it difficult for many post-WWII European refugees to come to the U.S. Among those displaced persons was Milan J. Kubic, the author of this piece. This is how President Truman fought Congress, won, and opened America's doors.

The “Dublin IV”-Proposal: One Step Forward and Ten Steps Back

On 4 May 2016, the European Commission has published three proposals to reform the Common European Asylum System. They are the first series of two legislative packages the Commission has presented in 2016 to tackle the current “refugee crisis”. One of the proposals intends to amend the Dublin...

5 refugees who changed the world

Despite tensions in the US and across Europe surrounding the resettling of refugees, both these regions have a long history of welcoming migrants with open arms. And as this list shows, many of those refugees have gone on to make huge contributions to the country that gave them a second chance.

Let refugees help the EU

To solve the Syrian refugee crisis the EU will have to take a leadership role and work effectively with refugee and diaspora communities who can serve as agents of change. Over the past six years, five million Syrians have been forced to become refugees. The number of first-time asylum...

Love know no borders

On the 13th of July of last year, exactly on Nora’s birthday, the couple married in Kumanovo and they celebrated their love together with many guests from different ethnic communities, and as the couple says both traditions were respected, those of the groom and those of the bride. They let...