Letter to EU: 'If you don't want refugees, stop the war'

My name is Wassim Omar. My family and I, and many other refugees, arrived on Chios island (Greece) on 20 March 2016. After we faced death many times in the Aegean Sea in the night, we arrived in the early morning at Chios and we thanked God that all of us were saved and we were very happy...

International day for abolition of slavery

"We call for collective and dedicated action for abolition of all forms of modern slavery worldwide and respect for human rights and freedoms to all people, regardless of their nationality, religion or legal status!"

Refugees in Gevgelija in despair

It has been 8 months since the balkanroute closure, leaving 130 refugees stuck in the refugee centre in Gevgelija without any legal status By Jasmin Redzepi

Journey Into the Unknown

We follow two Syrian refugees who part with large sums of money to embark on clandestine journeys fraught with danger.


“THE BACKLASH” The final episode in Matthew Cassel’s six-part documentary.