Capacity Building

VOLUNTEERS: Mobilizing and empowering volunteers (local and international)

LEGIS took the role to mobilize and empower the local population on the main points of concentration the refugees could be reached on route in since 2014.

Providing guidance in consideration to the basic humanitarian principles and field trainings, LEGIS with the local volunteers established the base for the first organized response on many spots, such as Gevgelija Train Station, Miravci Train Station, Demir Kapija Train Station, Kumanovo Mosque, Tabanovce Train Station (later on official Transit center).

LEGIS volunteers were supported for providing assistance in Idomeni and Lesvos, from assisting distribution and information provision, to food preparation.

LEGIS international volunteers were organizing volunteer house in Tabanovce village and In Gevgelija in 2015. LEGIS was also offering volunteering opportunities to registered asylum seekers in Macedonia, as well as refugees with unregulated status, who were stuck on some of the transit points for a longer time, including them in the translations, distributions and information provision.

LEGIS teams are working on In-House Training modules in order to build the capacity to the staff and volunteers as well as provide opportunities for professional growth and empowerment.