Irregular migration

LEGIS mobile teams are constantly monitoring the situation regarding irregular migration in Macedonia since 2015.

After closure of the Balkan Humanitarian Corridor, the so-called Balkan Route in March 2016, we have observed boosting of the irregular migration channels in Macedonia.

Starting August 2016, LEGIS is running operations in the Lipkovo area, with a field office and teams in the Lojane village. The teams are providing lifesaving aid in food, water, clothes, blankets and other needed items, medical and other referrals, while monitoring Human Rights abuses to the refugees and migrants using this well-known smuggling channel to transit towards Serbia with a goal to reach Western Europe.

During the last few months, starting August 2016 to end of December 2016, we are reaching on average 750 people per month with our services in the Lipkovo area, many of whom women and children, coming from the Middle East and South Asia. We are observing and regularly documenting the push-back practices of the Serbian authorities, as well as the mass expulsion practices that are happening in the last few months.