Food aid is one of the biggest programs of LEGIS. Ensuring access to food and water to refugees and migrants, asylum seekers, irregular and detained migrants has been our goal since 2014.

LEGIS Food Aid program is designed according to the context and the current need. It includes hot meals and dry food packages that are distributed through our mobile teams as well as on distribution points in Macedonia and North Greece.

In 2015, LEGIS distributed 600.000 food packages and meals to the refugee population in transit trough Macedonia.

LEGIS is providing Food Aid in the two temporary (transit) centers for refugees in Macedonia, TC Tabanovce, and TC Vinojug, Gevgelija.  In 2016, the Food Aid programme in the centers was specifically taken over by the Ministry of Labor and Social policy of Macedonia and the Macedonian Red Cross, but LEGIS continues to supply food items for extremely vulnerable population and fruits and vegetables when allowed.

LEGIS provides Food Aid distribution to irregular and undocumented refugees and migrants in still transit, through our distribution point and office in Lipkovo Municipality.

As per need, we provide food packages or hot meals and food items to the population living in the asylums seekers center “Vizbegovo” in Skopje, the detention center for foreigners “Gazi Baba” in Skopje.