Medical assistance

LEGIS’ program of medical assistance is pro re nata. Ensuring access and provision of medical services to population in need in emergency situation was started in 2014 and continued in 2015.

Until June 2015, the Macedonian legislation didn’t allow the refugees and migrants entering the country to obtain a legal status, putting them into a very vulnerable position of being irregular, thus not being able to use any of the services (transport, medical, shelter, etc). There was emminent need of Medical Aid to be provided on route and concentration points. LEGIS organized mobile teams of medical volunteers (doctors and nurses) providing medical assistance from the south border with Greece to the north border with Serbia.

The aid consisted of cleaning and dressing wounds and injuries from walking or from violent attacks, assisting individuals with deteriorating health by ensuring access to medication, providing medical assistance and medication for non-serious inflammatory processes, colds and fevers, organized gynecologic exams for women in cooperation with other NGO-s, including pregnant women, etc., as well as referrals to the public medical facilities for cases that needed further treatment.

In June 2015, the Law on Asylum and Temporary protection was amended, and the refugees and migrants in transit had the possibility to register receive a temporary status of Intended Asylum Seekers. After this change, Red Cross took over the provision of medical aid thus LEGIS pulled back the teams and focused on other emergency needs of the population in transit.

LEGIS’ medical teams are always on stand-by and in case of need - will be reactivated and ready to assist population in need of medical care.