Why I moved to Aleppo. Why I stayed

If people are leaving I will leave with them. I have no idea where we will go. But wherever we go I will keep trying to treat patients, as long as my health allows I will keep saving lives. My motto in life is 'wherever I am need I will be.'"

She Swam to Escape Syria. Now She’ll Swim in Rio

“Everyone was praying,” Mardini said. “We were calling the Turkish police, the Greek police, saying: ‘Please, please help us. We have children! We are drowning!’ And they just kept saying: ‘Turn and go back. Turn and go back.’”

Aegan sea that swallows lives

Looking on my left I see children, man and women who are trying to sleep and hope that tomorrow the border will be open and they will have a human treatment .Looking at the eyes of this couple I could see fear, pain, fatigue but also a ton of hope for a humane torture …

Memories and hope

“This used to be our house, but it doesn’t exist anymore…the only thing that is left are the memories and this picture as a proof of our past family happiness “- continued this Syrian man who travels with his wife and his four children.