Jewelry Creation Workshops: From Refugees to Empowered Teachers

As part of its psycho-social activities, the Legis team, supported by our partnet SIF, regularly organizes self-expression workshops with focus on jewelry creation. This ranges from bead-based jewelry to threaded bracelets. The jewelry workshops bright up the mundaneness of life in a closed camp for refugees that have been stuck in Macedonian transit camps over 4 months. Although women-focused, as women remain among the most vulnerable categories in the Gevgelija transit camp, the jewelry creation workshops are gender-inclusive. Thus, many men join in enthusiastically and share their skills. One such example is Ahmed from Syria, who creates beautiful hand-made bracelets out of colorful threads: “In Syria we use to do this often, men, women, everyone. Very nice to see that people do it here as well.”

Encouraging empowerment of refugees!

In all the activities that we organize, we make efforts to empower our refugee friends to dare hold a workshop with our facilitation, especially women. This is part of our capacity-building program, but also, the deep understanding that refugees often have exquisite skills to share with us, Europeans, and sometimes we need to listen more and speak less. Rama, a 15 year old Syrian was the “teacher” at the previous week’s jewelry workshop: “I’ve made threaded bracelets for almost all the people in the camp here, whether refugees or local volunteers.” She adds laughing: “ It is fun to now teach people how to do it on their own”.