Building bridge for refugee children - Sofasolution

The action will follow the refugees’ last year paths to move to Central and Northern Europe. Two people will travel by hitchhiking across 13 countries (Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria) starting from Ankara to end up in Vienna, Austria. Along the itinerary there will be stops in smaller and bigger cities in order to involve local society and increase the awareness about refugees’ issue.

In order to gain more visibility, to dramatize the project and symbolize concept of hospitability and a burden to carry, along with the absence of stable residence, the two travelers will travel with a sofa throughout the Balkans.

The activities include an opening event for the launch of the action in Ankara, including families from Keçioren. There will be an open presentation about project and activites for refugee children in Keçioren. Refugee children will be

invited to make some performances and exhibit their works (drawings, handcrafts, etc.). Then, the volunteering team in Ankara will create some workshops to promote debates about refugees’ issue in Turkey and in the rest of Europe to increase individuals’ awareness. There will be space to speak about the action from Ankara to Vienna. The event will conclude with a concert.

We aim to repeat the path that refugees were mostly following illegally , having paid a lot of money from Turkey to Europe before countries started to close their borders. The starting point will be in Turkey, because, up to now, it is the country that hosts refugees more than others and because our project is in Ankara. Then we will proceed until Austria that nowadays is on the way to closing the borders with Slovenia and Italy to prevent new arrivals. The travel will be completely managed by hitchhiking: 2 girls and a sofa. The sofa will call back the concept of hospitality and share of experiences (a sort of couchsurfing).

Legis will host the SofaSolution in Gevgelija and Skopje.

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