Food is our common ground, a universal experience!

 “People who love to eat are always the best people.” —Julia Child.

If there is anything that we can agree on – it is a good plate of food. How important is food beyond the basic need for sustenance? The food is more than important, you can find the proof not so far but in a transit camp Tabanovce. Even in these circumstances, refugees in transit camp Tabanovce found themselves again by cooking traditional Syrian food. Spending their leisure time and remembering piece of their life in Syria.

In the spirit of good cooking and traditional food, Legis team Tabanovce, on 05.08.2016 has distributed more than 20 packages to 70 refugees placed in transit camp Tabanovce, Kumanovo.

This was realized with the help of donators that want to remain anonymous.

Legis team Tabanovce saw the necessity of organizing distribution of 20 food packages with different items (Flour, potatoes, onions, yeast, sugar, starch, lens, vanilla, pastry, coconut flakes, oil, butter, cacao powder, liquid lime) for this purpose.

With the help of donators this came true.

We are really grateful with a hope that in a future this kind of actions will continue, helping us realize our main mission. Helping refugees.