Exchanging skills with the refugees

Last week, Lesgis NGO hosted a capacity-building workshop by highly skilled experts Saskia Harkema and Cindi Carner, representatives of the renowned Faces of Change, leading NGO in empowering refugees with resilient skills.

Ms. Harkema and Ms. Carner shared their experience and skills with our staff and volunteers,  via a “train the trainers” program. The program is especially aimed at ameliorating refugees’ wellbeing and empowerment, including equipping them with basic skills as to how they can move out from the state of dependency they are now in –which causes the psychological distress – to a state where they have more control over their lives, thus creating purpose and hope for a better future.

This is of particular importance as the refugees in the transit centres in Macedonia have been stuck there 5 months now and can in many ways feel completely dependent on NGOs. Legis considers refugees as our equal sisters and brothers. As such, we do not “teach” refugees how to do things, but rather, we exchange skills with them, we learn from each other and hence grow together. Despite the plight of living in a closed transit camp, Legis continually encourages refugees to feel empowered, via self-empowerement workshops where refugees hold the workshop or they are involved as translators or volunteers in the activities we organise.

With the aid of Faces of Change, we are equipped to further our refugee empowerment program, through useful tools as usage of assertions, refections, Tree of Life workshops etc that target also the daily choice of words and practices on an even subtler level which contribute to refugees taking control over their own lives.

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