Red Sofa Solution for refugee children In Turkey, among Balkan route

Two girls Heli and Carla who accidentally met in Istanbul, have visited our organization Legis as a part of their long journey. Their main objective is to collect aid for education of refugee children in Turkey and to explain in each and every city and state that refugees are people and we should not be afraid of them. They are part of an organization in Ankara which builds bridges for refugee children, organizes various activities such as fundraising, visiting and learning the challenges that they confront every day. 

The story of the red sofa and their journey has its highlights but it starts when they meet, in one concert in Besiktas in April, where they came up with the idea of fund raising and traveling thru the route where the refugees stay or transit. The Sofa helped them to come to the idea of traveling and visiting the places where they could spread the good word for refugees.

For this two brave and creative girls it wasn’t so easy to travel with sofa as it was attention-grabbing.  They envisioned other ways to design the sofa and make it more practical. They are determined to hitch-hike via 13 states travelling with a sofa. The journey started from Ankara, then Bursa, Alexandropoulos, Thessaloniki and stopped in Gevgelia and Skopje, where they found support from Legis and were welcomed to present their work and their purpose in front of a big audience of Legis employees and people working with refugees.

In Legis, Heli and Carla discussed about rights and refugee situation in Turkey and Macedonia. They presented the current situation in Turkey and overall situation giving prominence to refugee children education. Currently they provide classes to 66 refugee children, such as language classes in Turkish, English and Arabic.

On their road to 13 states, fundraising is part of their plan, explaining to people how they can help children refugees, willing to learn but don’t have access.

Their presentation had so many information about the state of refugees in Turkey and the necessity for helping them ASAP.

Stuck between politics and complicated system, Heli and Carla are among few volunteers that help and provide schooling to children refugees in Turkey.

Committed to hitch-hike via 13 states with sofa, Heli and Carla looked determined to finish their travel with hope of spreading their message and go back to their super students refugee children, with hope and activities to come.

Heli and Carla closed their presentation with a quote of a famous Mexican novelist Carlos Fuentes: “Recognize yourself in he and she who are not like you and me.”

Legis wishes them a safe trip and gratification of their main aim to help refugee children!