Give kindness, find love in humanity

After 13 days of the big flooding in Skopje area where heavy storms caused property damage and causalities. Legis remains with its unstoppable will to help the people in need.

After all what’s the will if you don’t have someone to help you accomplish aspiration and be part of a fulfilling mission, helping others and feel human.

On the 19 of August 2016, Legis team prepared 100 packages, for distribution in the flooded areas. 

The packages contained items that are most needed in this circumstance, where the electricity is limited and there are not so many possibilities to save food. 

Practicality is the best answer in these conditions. Taking this in consideration Legis made 100 packages with different items, such as: fruit jam, canned peas with beef, canned beef, biscuits, Uka sausage, chicken pate, Almi cream, pickels in jar, cheese, olives, tuna, Megle milk, paper towels, bread, and so forth.   

All of this would have been impossible if we didn’t have our donors. We appreciate and express our greatest gratitude toward such a significant gesture. Thru them our work has a meaning, meaning of humanity, compassion and gratitude. 

Today our mission was completed. Maybe tomorrow you will express interest and join us in giving kindness and finding love in humanity, simple as that…  




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