Legis on the field 13 days after the floods

Today is August 19th- the international day of humanity.
In Republic of Macedonia, this day is celebrated 13 days in a row after the devastating floods in Skopje. The humanitarian organization "Legis", which left a landmark in the media as a defender of the human rights of refugees, has been in Singelikj, Stajkovci and other flooded areas constantly these days. They donate food, clothes and hygiene kits to the victims.

Jasmin Redzepi from "Legis" says that the new humanitarian truck is going from door to door.
He also says that they are engaged on the field near the borders where refugees are still strained after the decision of EU to close the Balkan route as a transit towards the western countries.

"Legis", as he says, will continue providing help in the region of Skopje. They tend to help the families that were victims of the floods. That highly depends on the will of the donators, as Jasmin Redzepi implies.