We Are All Ping-Pong Champions!

Last Wednesday, the Legis team in Gevgelija organised the second ping-pong tournament in the transit camp, in which over 20 refugees participated. Medals were again granted to the refugees that came first (Moustafa Hasin, aged 27 from Syria; Duma Shiva, aged 29 from Iraq and Hasan Muhammad, aged 26 from Syria).

All participants and spectators enjoyed a lively atmosphere where cold, refreshing beverages were served by Legis activists. The setting was particularly decorated with colourful balloons set up by volunteers and refugees together. The refugees were actively involved in the tournament planning and implementation, especially the general coordination and translation, as people from different ethnicities and countries participated so refugee language facilitators were of great help at the tournament.

In order to foster a culture of cooperation and friendship, at the demand of the refugees themselves, this time, all participants received tokens of appreciation. Thus, all participants received T-shirts saying “We Are All Ping-Pong Champions” in addition to receiving specialised Certificates of Appreciation by Legis NGO, as a token of warm gratitude for their active participation in the ping-pong tournament and in our lives. If you like the events we organise, follow us next week and tune in for the upcoming chess championship! To support our activities, please donate here.