From October greater influx of refugees in Macedonia

By: Gavril Sirachevski

Macedonia in October will face a greater influx of refugees whose number will grow, anticipates the NGO Legis.

According to them, although the accommodation in the receiving transit centers has improved, the still existing fence at the border is not a guarantee that we would successfully deal with greater numbers of refugees, states Jasmin Redjepi. 

According to the experts, these expectations appear because of the discontent of Turkey, which still has not received the promised 6 billion from the EU while on its territory already has 3 million refugees. The number of refugees remaining in Macedonia it’s 250 which EU additionally does not want to receive on its territory although members of their families have already been placed in some of the European countries. 

The European Council President Donald Tusk today furthermore noted that Europe is close to the limit of its possibilities to receive a new wave of refugees.

 "The practical ability of Europe to receive an influx of refugees, not to mention the irregular migrants, is close to its borders. There is enough space for all sides to discuss these issues, including China "- stressed Tusk urging financial support and development assistance to the countries from which migrants originate. 

French media again citing the comments of the leaders of Germany and Italy but also the tougher attitudes that are arriving, it’s exactly from there that they wrote that the migrant crisis will affect the shifting politics worldwide.

Source: 24Casa