Eid Al-Adha

As October 12th 2016 was the celebration of the holiday Eid Al-Adha for all Muslims around the world, refugees in the camps in Macedonia were also able to celebrate it, even though stranded from the razor wire fences, unable to go out.

For that purpose, “Legis” brought an imam to do the morning prayer and enjoy baklava afterwards. Refugees were happy to hear that the imam spent 6 years studying in Syria and speaks the Syrian dialect as well.

“For a moment, I felt as I was at home hearing him speak our dialect and telling stories about his life in Syria”, says one Syrian refugee. Later, everybody enjoyed eating baklava together and wishing freedom to each other.

Next day, we brought lamb meat as part of the tradition which was served on a big table so everybody could feast together. Eid Mubarak dear friends, even though you are stranded with no freedom of movement, nobody can imprison your minds.