Europe One seminar

More then 30 representatives from CSOs working on refugee, migration and IDP topics in different countries in Europe took a part at the Europe One - Refugees Mission to Survive workshop in Kiev, Ukraine from 15 to 23 October 2016.

Legis took part at this seminar with 3 representatives with high experience on the field work with the refugees during the Balkan route. This experience was very helpful during the workshop and the members of others CSOs were satisfied from the part of the Legis team. Other participants were from Germany, Poland, Spain, Lithvania, Ukraine, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia, all of them with different experiences from the work with the refugees and IDPs.

During the seminar, participants were working on many topics, such as: What is migration?, The difference between migrants and refugees, Stereotypes and social inclusion, The role of media, Role of NGOs, governments and the individuals, Debate about refugee inclusion, Youth participation, Future projects for the refugees, and ctr.

The representatives of Legis made different presentations and workshops. They presented Macedonia as a country, the refugee situation in Macedonia from Bosnian, Kosovo and Macedonian refugee crises to the Balkan route 2014-2016. Also the members of Legis were leading some of the workshop groups and were representing the results. Most of the other participants were interested on the workshops for emergency response, the dealing with the refugees after the closing of the Balkan route and working in refugee centers, organised by Legis.

The aim of exchange the experiences and learning about the dealing with the refugees in other countries and conditions was accomplished, especially after the good words and appreciations from the other participants. Also the networking with the other organisations in common refugee topics was accomplished.