Legis active in the integration of asylum-seekers

In addition to our restless work on the field with the refugees that are still stuck in Macedonia in the transit centres, the Legis team is actively involved in the process of integration of asylum-seekers in the country. Namely, today Legis organised a visit of the asylum-seekers from Gevgelija, who arrived in the Centre for Asylum-Seekers in Skopje on Friday. We discussed the feeling of freedom after 7 months and the ability to freely move in the capital city. The asylum-seekers also shared their needs, as well as the desire to get to know the city better.

Hamide from Afhanistan, together with her two children and husband, enjoyed a walk with the Legis volunteers in the centre of Skopje. They got the opportunity to taste traditional food, and the children played in the kids’ playhouse together with other local kids. Children know of no nationality and differences, so Hamide’s daughters, Saro and Zahra, easily made new friends.

Aside from the beauty of the city of Skopje and the Old Bazaar, they were most fascinated by the peace and tranquility, as well as the fact that no one saw them as foreigners or looked at them strangely. For the refugees, this experience is something new and pleasant – after spending 7 months in a closed camp – they could finally get a glimpse of life in Macedonia, life outside of a camp, life in dignity and equality with other citizens.

The people of Macedonia can indeed say welcome now! If you would like to support us in facilitating the process of integration of refugees in Macedonia, please donate here.