Legis at UNITED Network Conference

Legis participated in UNITED for Intercultural Action conference near Ohrid, “Living Together: Transform a divided past into our common future”. Drawing on our own experience with national reconciliation and building bridges among different cultures and ethnicities, participants had the space to connect with like-minded activists from all over Europe, and exchange best grassroots practices on the topic.

Understanding the basis for reconciliation, the peace-building process, the role of history in the reconciliation process and education specifically, the danger of words and hate speech were issues touched upon by experts and participants in interactive workshops and presentations. Activists got the opportunity to start working on the development of a grassroots manual on positive practices in the reconciliation process from a bottom-up level, with focus on diverse practices in the formal and non-formal education that help build bridges among people of different ethnicities and cultures. The issue of national reconciliation was discussed within the context of the so-called “refugee crisis” - how to build connections amongst all humans?

Participants got to enjoy the informal networking and intercultural dinner as well, where participants from different countries brought one food specialty from their country. The Macedonian team could present the traditional Ajvar and cheese, combined with freshly baked bread.

The conference ended with a 2-day training on hate crime, organised by the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights. 2 OSCE experts trained participants on the significance of hate crime, as well as hate crime monitoring by CSOs, drawing parallels with the current hate crimes occurring towards refugees and migrants living in or en route to the EU.