Recycling Workshops with Refugee Kids

In the far flung refugee centre of Gevgelija where time stands still, around 100 refugees are still waiting for a decision by the EU on what course their life will take. Legis is still there, trying to alleviate the suffering of these people a bit by organising different activities that bring a little bit of joy in the mundane waiting.

In addition to sports and jewelry making activities, Legis is starting new recycling workshops. Children take joy in re-using discarded items from the camp or the vicinity of the camp. The recycling workshops offer the possibility for children to express themselves, but also to learn more about taking care of our environment. Thus, the disposable dishes that are provided for food every day are being transformed into artsy dishes, the scrap pieces of paper used for other art creation, is being recycled as decoration of the dishes and flowers from old plastic flower pots are used as ornaments.

The last recycling workshop was led by the children themselves, who wished to create a beautiful house made out of the old covers of a drawing block. When asked why they decided to create a house, the children replied: “Now we live in a camp, but we hope that one day we will be in a house”.