Aleppo call for help

The United Nations relayed reports that pro-government forces in eastern Aleppo are entering homes and killing civilians – including women and children – in a situation described as a “complete meltdown of humanity.”

If we don’t take action, there will be no Syrian people or Syria to save.

It is a living nightmare!

Syrians said: “We prefer death to being detained, to being executed. We prefer death here. Because we have no option right now, either to die by the bomb or to die by detention or execution. What will the world do if we are detained or die in regime detention? Nothing!”

Our humble, powerless voice says: Yes, we can! Yes, we will change! Yes, we are humans! Yes we will show, you are not alone! Yes, no dictatorship should prevail! Yes, we the people of Macedonia, the whole world will stand up together to help you. Macedonia might be a small country, yet with a big heart. We have our own struggles here, yet not comparable to yours. We are all humans. We can make a better world. We should do that for our children! They will judge, future will judge us!

Albert Einstein once said: “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything”

Not forgetting Edmund Burke's one, "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

Is not we are expecting to save Aleppo for real, as much as we are truly convinced we are saving humanity in us.

Much more can be stressed and emphasized, yet pictures and videos broadcasted in the media are worth a thousand words.

If nothing done, we will only remain as undiagnosed sociopaths.

This is an initiative of Macedonian civil society under patronage of NGO LEGIS. LEGIS is a multicultural, multi confessional, and open-minded NGO. Everyone is expected to join. We, the civil society of Macedonia make this step to implement concrete measures to muffle innocent children squeal in Aleppo.

The estimated length of project is 4 weeks. Initiative will be broadcasted via web, Facebook, local and national media. Posters and flyers will spread all around Macedonia. Call for help will be addressed to all relevant national and international bodies, governmental and non-governmental, public and business sector. Official opening is tomorrow, Thursday, 22 December 2016. Estimated closure is in 4-5 weeks. Prior to fund delivery, an official donation campaign end will be broadcasted via web, Facebook, local and national media.

Next phase is donation delivery to humanitarian organizations engaged in the refugee camps in Turkey.

Upon fund delivery, 3-4 volunteers will travel to the camp site in Turkey and document the whole initiative. Upon return, the same will be broadcasted via web, Facebook, local and national media.

We are kindly asking for your financial support, whereof logo of respected Embassy will be shown in all media related causes.

Please find below two payment options, one via standard bank account and one via online donation.

Legis Bank Information:

Donate online at

Standard Payment for Macedonian citizens:

Name of Bank: Stopanska Banka AD Skopje

Account number: 200002991657502

Payment for foreigners:

Beneficiary Name: Zdruzhenie na garagjani LEGIS Skopje

Beneficiary Address: Str. Cvetan Dimov No. 4/1-5, Skopje, Chair, 1000, Macedonia

Beneficiary E-mail:

Beneficiary Telephone: +389-2-2658-219, +389-78-299-415

Account Number (IBAN): MK07210722000027421

Bank E-mail:

Bank Address: 11 Oktomvri, 1000 Skopje, Republic of Macedonia P.F. 582

Bank Telephone: +389-02-3100-109

Thank you so much for your precious time.

God bless humanity!