The JOURNEY – Tales of Migration

On Saturday, on the main square in Kumanovo, the citizens of Kumanovo had an opportunity to see “The JOURNEY – Tales of Migration”, an exhibition organized by an EVS volunteer from the Center for Intercultural Dialogue(CID) in cooperation with LEGIS. “The Journey” brought together segments from different exhibitions and gave a complete overview of the situation regarding migration in the country and the everyday life of the refugees.

The purpose of the event was to raise awareness and inform the citizens about the current situation in Macedonia, to bring closer the journey and the everyday life of the refugees stranded in Macedonia since March this year to the journeys and the everyday life of the people from Kumanovo, as well as to confront the negative perception of the term Migrant, interchangeably used with the term refugee.

“The Journey” was composed of four segments.

An exhibition of photographs that were taken by the children living in Tabanovce camp during November this year, showing their favorite activities in the camp was one of the segments. The Wall of Migrants, serving to present in an equal manner people from different countries that migrated, regardless if the reason was economical, educational, or war and persecution, thus confronting the “migrant’ and ‘expatriate” terms. The interactive exhibition, Land of Borders, showed the challenges the refugees face during transit and the implications that the border closure has on their lives. And the last segment were the drawings of the well-known artist, Shergo Mousa from Syria, who lives in unofficial detention in the camp in Gevgelija since March this year, together with his wife and two children. Shergo uses his artistic skills to express the disappointment and rage against the failure of the international community to protect Refugees, despite all the legislation and the conventions.

During the exhibition, the attendees had the opportunity to speak with people that work directly with the refugees in the camps in Macedonia, and ask any question they might have about the profile of the refugees in the country as well as their current situation. Many of them appeared to be completely misinformed and unaware, which brings the need of many events like this to happen in the future.

LEGIS will continue the cooperation with CID and make more similar events in the future, where the citizens of Kumanovo, especially the youth, can inform themselves and stay aware of the situation regarding migration in the country.