Christmas in Macedonian refugee camps

The holidays are the perfect for spending time with loved ones and spreading the holiday joy by embellishing our homes with Christmas decorations.

This is exactly what we are trying to do in the refugee centres in Macedonia, by organising workshops for creating diverse Christmas ornaments. The refugee kids in particular enthuse over the possibility to transform their small living spaces into festive Christmas-land. Despite the fact that this holiday is not part of the culture of many refugees in our camps, all showed openness and respect toward it as well as curiosity.

Refugee children from Syria, Iraq and Iran, together with our volunteers, created a small Christmas tree out of cardboard. Christmas figurines in the form of Santa Claus were also being made out of old coloured cardboard and cotton. Red-ribboned gifts were wrapped in red and white paper and placed beneath the improvised Christmas tree. In the next few days, Christmas gifts were distributed by Legis to each and every refugee kid in the camp.

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