Certificate of Appreciation for the contribution of LEGIS to the infrastructure to the village

The large influx of refugees in transit trough Macedonia, and the impossibility of the relevant institutions to respond was affecting the local communities in the villages the refugee route was going through in the early stages of the crisis.  In June 2015, when the refugee route shifted to the Train Station in the village Tabanovce on the Macedonian-Serbian Border, LEGIS was the only NGO present at this point, providing aid and assistance through volunteers to the refugees arriving to the village.

While building relations, communication and trust with the villagers of Tabanovce, we noted the need for supporting the local community as well, where some families were struggling with poverty. For this reason we provided humanitarian aid packages for the most socially endangered families in the village and we referred our partners and collaborators towards the local community in need.

This resulted with various investments to be made in the village in order to improve the daily lives of the local community, and contributed to the relations LEGIS had with the local community.

In the summer and autumn of 2015, member of the local community in Tabanovce often joined our activities and actions in response to the refugee crisis, they volunteered hand-in-hand with LEGIS volunteer during distributions and provided assistance in crowd control.

Our collaboration and the good relations were not forgotten when the situation changed and an official camp was built in the once open common space for locals, refugees and volunteers. Local Community of Tabanovce delivered a Certificate of Appreciation for the contribution of LEGIS to the infrastructure to the village.

We are grateful for this acknowledgement and we will continue to support the local community in parallel to the support we provide to the refugees, and as much as our means allow us to.