“A Week of Solidarity with Syrian refugee children" in Macedonia

SKOPJE (AA) – As part of the campaign "Help for Aleppo", for the refugees situated in the border area camps of Turkey with Syria, the First Children's Embassy in the World "Megjashi" and the civil association "Legis" this week in Macedonia the "Week of solidarity with the Syrian refugee children” was declared, reports Anadolu Agency (AA).

One part of the campaign is aimed at raising funds from the citizens and the business sector, and the other part is directed to raise awareness, especially among the younger generation. The campaign's aim is to raise awareness among young people in the educational institutions for the situation of their peers from Syria, as well as the need of solidarity and of help to the people who suffer because of war.

The director of the Children's Embassy "Megjashi" Dragi Zmijanac said that children and young people in Macedonia should be informed about how to help the people in need through humanitarian actions, as well as the all possible ways that express solidarity. He appealed to the country's schools that at least one hour of teaching should be devoted to this topic.

"This campaign is intended for the contribution of the Macedonian citizens. Macedonia responded to all military crises that occurred in this region, as well as to the children affected by these wars", reported Zmijanac, who recalled the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the war in Kosovo, the 2001 conflict in Macedonia and the recent refugee crisis, that according to him, Macedonia took care of tens of thousands of refugee children and adults in the camps built on the territory of Macedonia.

Meanwhile, the President of the Association "Legis" Jasmin Redzepi requested the media to record the debating and educational programs and shows for children about the situation in which the refugees are, especially the children. He said that currently in the Republic of Macedonia there are about 130 stranded refugees, of which 50 of them are in the refugee camps in Gevgelija and Tabanovce, while the others in the asylum center in Skopje Vizbegovo.

"The Transit centers that we have are among the best in the Balkan. Unfortunately, the biggest problem is that these people have no freedom, the children have no education. These children cannot go to Kumanovo and Gevgelija in order to continue their education. For almost a year of staying in Macedonia, the children have already lost two academic years, "stressed Redzepi.

The citizens will have the opportunity to donate funds online, and also in boxes prepared and distributed over multiple frequented supermarkets, as well as through the gyro account which will be published in the daily and weekly newspapers. The objective is the raised funds to be send as a symbol of mutual humanitarian help by the citizens of Macedonia for the Syrian refugee children.

Source: Anadoly Agency