Small room project

As part of the promotion of the project "Small room project" of the famous Greek advocate for the rights of the refugees, journalist Vasilis Tsartsanis, in Thessaloniki a display of the film and a public debate were organized, attended by volunteers, ordinary citizens who have helped the refugees in northern Greece, respectively in the region of Polykastro and Eidomeni.

The only speakers that were invited from abroad were Mersiha Smailovik and Jasmin Rexhepi as representatives of Legis, who were the first to have started the cross-border cooperation with volunteers from Greece, especially with Vasilis in order to reunite the separated families who passed from Greece to Macedonia.

Vasilis introduced his project, which aims to lobby for the rights of the refugees in Greece and in the European Union, for a dignified stay and a free passage. After the video, 4 panels followed, where citizens of different professions were remarking their experiences when assisting the refugees.

In the fourth panel, the host of the event introduced Mersiha Smailovik as the first and only person who contacted him at the beginning of the crisis, the person who was vociferous for the rights of the refugees in the neighboring country and who deserves an immense respect for what Legis has done for the refugees.

Mersiha, in her speech informed the attendees about the beginning of the refugee crisis, which just as for them, also for Legis began in the second half of 2014, for the initiative to change the law on asylum, for the formation of the transit centers, for the activities of Legis in these centers, for the closure of the refugee route and for the consequences of the irregular migration, i.e. for the returning to the previous condition and the difficulties that refugees faced in 2014 and 2015.

Vasilis introduced Jasmin Rexhepi as the president of the NGO Legis, as well as an activist on the field with whom he daily collaborated in Eidomeni, visiting refugees with him and high political representatives of EU from Eidomeni, Gevgelija, Tabanovce up to Preshevo.

Jasmin Rexhepi informed the attendees about the importance of the cross-border cooperation as well as the impact of Vasilis in facilitating the team of Legis for daily visits in Eidomeni, coordinating on the number of refugees and helping them after the closure of the route. He recounted a few interesting happenings that they experienced on the field, that resulted in solutions to certain problems and influenced for a safer transit of refugees between the two countries as an example of good neighborly relations between the citizens of these two countries.

The participants were satisfied with the presentations and many questions followed, indicating the great interest and positive aura among the citizens of these two neighboring countries.