Challenges on the Western Balkan Migration Route

Legis is organizing the first Regional Conference on Challenges on the Western Balkan Migration Route on the 27-28 of March, 2017 in Elite Plaza Hotel, 38 Kosturski Heroi, in Skopje.

The conference aims to provide answer on the main theme: Past, present and future: What kind of challenges people face on the Western Balkan migration route?; through four sub-panels looking on the Legal challenges, Human Rights challenges, the challenges of cooperation between CSOs and the challenges in Integration and Adaptation of refugees in the Western Balkan Countries. The themes are divided according to the legal and humanitarian obstacles on the Western Balkan route and have integrated human rights violations as main part of the discussion.

Guest contributors to the panels will be both representatives from Institutions, UN Agencies, International Organizations as well as Civil Society Sector representatives and Activists from Macedonia, Greece, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary and Austria. The panelists will give their input and present their realities on the topic and talk about possible solutions and how we can all improve our work to provide better access to rights and protection for refugee and migrant population. Discussions with the participants and guests will be opened after each panel.

If you want to register to participate in the conference, please fill in the online registration form on the following link.

The Agenda can be downloaded from here.