Public call: Short term engagement: Expert on migration and humanitarian law for a policy document

Legis is implementing the project “Access to rights and protection for vulnerable groups among refugee and migrant population” supported by the “Unitarian Universalist Service Committee“ and in cooperation with the Ombudsperson Office in Macedonia. According to the project activities bellow, Legis will conduct a research on the access to rights and protection of human rights of people perceived as refugees and migrants, regardless of/or lack of legal status or means to access the territory of Macedonia.

The research will cover the whole refugee and migrant population, however, focusing on vulnerable groups such as women and children. The aim of the research is gathering desk and field data for a policy document which will reflect the conditions under which HR violations occur and provide sustainable recommendations for institutional and legal changes resulting with improved access to rights and protection for the target groups.

The specific objectives are:

1. Increased capacities of beneficiaries and stakeholders in providing services and understanding of target groups needs by geographical location and access to rights

2. Detected gaps and improved mechanisms for access to rights and protection of women and children as victims of organized crimes due to irregular migration and pushback

All candidates applying for the position of leading expert should fulfill the following criteria:

-  Holds MA or PHD law or political science.

-  Has working experience in research methodologies at least 5 years

-  Has working experience in research in the area of international and national human rights standards, humanitarian law and/or migration at least 3 years


-  Develop research methodology

-  Develop research questionnaires along Legis and Ombudsperson office teams of researchers

-  Maintain communication with State institutions (if needed)

-  Gather and assess gathered data

-  Research of national and international legal framework in the research area

-  Preparation of a policy document

-  Presentation of the policy document on a science conference in Skopje

-  Maintain communication with the project teams from Legis and Ombudsperson office

Implementation of activities

All activities regarding the research will be covered by Legis, including fee for the leading expert. The policy document should be finished no later than 01.09.2017. Legis will sign a contract with the selected candidates on mutually agreed rights and obligations.


01 April 2017

Selection of leading expert and initial meeting with Legis and Ombudsperson office teams

15-17 April 2017

Develope draft-methodology and 2 types of questionnaires

Take part on the first press-conference along Legis and Ombudsperson office representatives

20 April-01 September, 2017

Conduct research on previously agreed methodology, gather and analyse data and submit final policy document


October, 2017

Take part on the science conference for the policy document presentation


Applicant documents:

Legis expects all applicants to submit the following documents:

-  Professional biography with references on previous research in the area of migration and humanitarian or HR law

- Electronic version or at least 2 samples of research published in the last 3 years in the abovementioned area

Ethical restraints

The researchers and leading expert are obliged to proper referencing of research sources. In case of plagiarism, Legis maintains the right to end the contracts and ask for full refund.

All applicants should send their documents to: no later than Friday, 31.03.2017. If you have additional question, we remain at your disposal on the abovementioned e-mail address or the following phone number: +389 71 508 920. The selection of applicants will be based on the professional experience in the research area interest and according to the overall budget foreseen for the project implementation. 

The project if supported by theUnitarian Universalist Service Committee“