The Ambassador of Republic of Ireland in Romania and Representatives from OSCE Mission in Skopje visit LEGIS’ Lipkovo Mission

Yesterday, LEGIS had the pleasure to host the Ambassador of the Republic of Ireland in Romania, Mr. Derek Feely, together with High Representatives from the OSCE Mission in Macedonia, Ms. Maura O’Sullivan and Mr. Thomas Harte.

The meeting took place in LEGIS’ field office in the village of Lojane (Lipkovo), where his Excellency, the Ambassador of Ireland and the OSCE Representatives had the possibility to hear about LEGIS’ work in the area in response to the ongoing irregular migration, as well as be acquainted with the challenges LEGIS’ field teams face in the aid and service provision and the risks vulnerable population faces while using the irregular transit routes through Macedonia.

His Excellency, the Ambassador of the Republic of Ireland as well as the OSCE Macedonia Mission Representatives acknowledged the importance of LEGIS’ mission in Lipkovo, the protection by presence, the aid provision, but also the detailed monitoring of the current movements, risks and violations that population in irregular transit is still facing in the area.