2nd International Conference in the framework of the project „Optimizing Volunteer Services in Times of Refugee Crisis"

The 2nd International Conference within the project "Optimizing Volunteer Services in Times of Refugee Crisis" was held in Novi Sad, Serbia on 23 March 2017, supported by the European Union - Europe for Citizens programme.

The project is implemented by seven civil society organizations: Association MI from Croatia as the lead partner, Croatian Network of Volunteer Centers, Legis from Macedonia, Novi Sad Humanitarian Centre, Önkéntes Központ Alapítvány from Hungary, Volunteer Action Sheffield from the UK, and the European Volunteer Center (CEV) from Belgium. The partners worked on Natonal level to research the areas and needs to address the sevice provision to vulnerbale population with inclusive methods, targeting both service providers (volunteers) and service receivers (refugees). After the reasearch on national level, that was shared among the partners as well as other stakeholders in the project countries on the 1st International Conference in Osijek in January this year, a social media reaserch was conducted in order to broaden the space for intervention and include the experience of a broader network of service providers as well as service receivers.

The Second International Conference aimed to draft the final recommendations for improving volunteer services in times of refugee crisis, based on the research done on national level by the partner organizations (Volonteka), the social media research and experience of volunteers from the partner countries. Sara Zendel and Aleksandra Davidovska were participating on behalf of LEGIS to the event. Aleksandra Davidovska moderated the panel on Drafting the Reccomendations for improvement of Volunteer Services in highly participatory session, where all the participants had the possibility to contribute with their finding and experience to the final version. The Reccommendation will be shared additonally, after their finallinzation, and will serve to benefit the organizers of volunteer work, the people in need and other stakeholders in the management of the so called refugee crisis on European level.