The National Prevention Mechanism Against Torture representative’s visit to Lipkovo

In line with our current cooperation with the Ombudsman’s office, the representatives from the National Preventive Mechanism Against Torture made an official visit to LEGIS’ Lipkovo mission on the 5th of April.

Together with our coordinators and staff in Lipkovo, they visited the office in Lojane where we discussed about the activities, service and aid LEGIS provides to the people in irregular transit trough Macedonia, as well as the risks and abuses this people go through.

After the discussion, we visited the border crossing with Serbia and the surrounding hills of Lojane, overseeing the wild-camps used by the people in irregular transit to stay and hide before continuing towards Serbia. In the framework of this visit, we also met with the border police patrols and the Chief of Border police for Sopot, under whose jurisdiction the Lojane village falls.

Red Cross office in Lojane was also visited, where the activities and interventions of the Red Cross Lipkovo mission were discussed. The visit was concluded with the village Vaksince and the wild-camp area in the surrounding hills, where we met two men from Pakistan, shivering from the cold shower they took on the water-point in the hills. They came from Greece with intention to continue towards Serbia, and were resting and recuperating in the hills in Vaksince from the irregular and exhausting trip they took to the North of Macedonia, waiting for the right moment to continue north.