LEGIS’ Lipkovo mission received aid from European Friends

A fundraising campaign was organized by LEGIS’ European friends to contribute towards our Lipkovo mission. Sarina Bstieler and Jeroen Wills, who is a long term supporter of our borderline activities, created an online fundraiser to raise funds for the most urgent needs of the people we assist through our office and distribution point in Lojane village.

From 2nd to the 4th of April we had the possibility to meet and host Sarina and introduce her to our Lipkovo and other activities, discuss the current situation regarding refugees and the still ongoing irregular migration trough Macedonia. Sarina also had the possibility to directly participate in the purchase of the current most needed items for the people we humbly serve in Lipkovo. Together with LEGIS’ logistician, and with the funds raised for the Lipkovo mission, she supplied the Lipkovo office with baby food and bottles, soups and crackers, energy bars and water boilers. 30% of the raised funds were left to be used for the expenses of the staff and volunteers in the Lipkovo mission.

We are grateful for this most recent infusion in aid by our friends in Germany and other European countries. With their help, and the help of our partners and donors, we continue to serve and provide lifesaving aid to vulnerable population in irregular migration.