Long cooperation between LEGIS and UNHCR Representation in Skopje formalized with Memorandum of Understanding

Today, the existing cooperation between LEGIS and UNHCR Representation in Skopje was formalized with Memorandum of Understanding. The officializaton of partnership took place in the Offices of UNHCR Representation in Skopje, where Mohammad Arif, Chief of Mission of the UNHCR Skopje Representation and LEGIS’ Executive Director, Besnik Hamiti signed the agreement that frames the partnership between the parties.

After the continued movement of refugees and other persons of in need of protection, beside the closure of the onward official irregular movement in March 2016, a need was presented for this movements to be recorded and information regarding the rights and referrals towards national protection mechanisms to be offered. Starting August 2016, LEGIS channeled resources and capacities to satisfy this need, and with the support of UNHCR and other partners continues with the mission of aid provision, monitoring of Human Rights violation and abuses as well as referrals towards services to the population in irregular transit.