The march for Aleppo arrived in Macedonia

The march for Aleppo, that started in Berlin on December 2016, after thousands of kilometeres of walking, today on April 21, 2017 arrived in Macedonia. The organizers’ purpose of this march and the activists that participate in, is to walk the entire refugee route, while raising awareness of the population in every town through which they will pass about the war in Syria, about the civilian victims and about the refugees that leave, in order for the public to make political pressure and attitude to stop this tragic war.

Macedonia is the eighth country in row that they enter. On the cross border Pelince the activists were welcomed by representatives of Legis and Helsinki Committee for Human Rights. After the warm welcoming, Legis’ representatives symbolically handed out food packages of the same kind as those that were given to the refugees along the route from 2014 to 2016.

The activists warmly accepted this symbolical gesture and said that no one so far didn’t welcome them with food.

Tonight, the activists of the march for Aleppo will spend the night in Kumanovo, and on Saturday they are expected to arrive in Skopje where they will socialize with the citizens on the Macedonia square.