New Challenges and Opportunities for Undocumented Migrants' Rights

On the 12th and 13th of May 2017, PICUM (Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants) held its annual assembly as well as workshops on different topics from the field of protection of the rights of the undocumented migrants and refugees.

On this year’s assembly, the members of this network of international organizations had the opportunity to learn about Legis’ hitherto work and to vote for the acceptance of Legis as a fully-fledged member of the network.

The president of Legis, Jasmin Redzepi, had a say on the assembly. He briefly spoke about the so far efforts of Legis – the providence of humanitarian and human rights assistance for the refugees, as well as for the undocumented migrants. In his speech he stated: 

 “According to all the convections and laws, the undocumented migrants have their own human rights. Our duty is to stand for their protection and to implement it in practice, and not by any means should we treat them as ghosts, as thou they don’t exist. PICUM will have great benefit from the membership of Legis due to its experience with work on the ground and due to the hitherto advocacy for the rights of the refugees and the undocumented migrants. So, if the results of the voting turn out to be positive, that will be an enormous hope for these people that are still moving through the Balkan Route. Your representatives in the EU Parliament will get more acquainted and will be able to lobby for respecting these rights and for the free access of the NGO sector for protection and assistance providence to this category of people.”

After the voting, the results were announced. The president of PICUM personally welcomed Legis as an organization that distinguishes for its hitherto work.

In the second part of the event some parallel workshops were held with main topic on:

"New Challenges and Opportunities for Undocumented Migrants' Rights'.