Bordermonitoring Bulgaria

10 people die on Bulgaria’s road because of the European border regime

On Sunday, the 4th of June a van crashed into a tree on the Trakia motorway between Plovdiv and Sofia, near the town of Pazardzhik. The result of this road crash are 9 dead people from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Syria plus the 16-year old Bulgarian teenager, who drove the car without a driving license. Until today, two migrants are still in critical condition. Additionally four other migrants have to stay in hospital.

Every year migrants are dying in Bulgaria, because they seek for security and shelter. Many are risking their lives, which are already in danger in their home countries. The reason why still people are being smuggled through Bulgaria is the official closing of the, so called, humanitarian corridor (also known as balkan-route) in March 2016, which was forced by the governments of several European countries. Without a legal corridor and being denied safe traveling such provoked ‚accidents‘ will happen again and again.

source: bordermonitoring