Eighth rotation of the Slovak police on the Macedonian-Greek border

Tomorrow in Macedonia 15 Slovak policemen will arrive that will replace their colleagues on the Macedonian-Greek border in Gevgelija. This is the eighth rotation of police of the Slovak Republic.

- A unit of 15 Slovak police will conduct joint patrol activities with the Macedonian colleagues at the border with Greece, with the aim of ensuring prevention in the field of ​the ​public safety and the unauthorized crossing of the state border. The Slovak police units will be deployed in the area of ​​Gevgelija, a statement from the Embassy of the Slovak Republic.

The police with be appropriately equipped with field vehicles, infrared cameras and nightwatch devices. The mandate of the Slovak police mission will be 30 days with the possibility of being renewed.

From March 2016, the Slovak Republic in the country sent in total 190 police officers.

source: a1on