Representatives of "Legis" and "Megjashi" are going to visit the camp for orphans in Hatay, Turkey, where it houses about 360 children who will be given food and clothing parcels.

SKOPJE (AA) - On the occasion of 20th June – The World Refugee Day, the representatives of the Non-governmental Humanitarian Organization "Legis" and the First Children’s Embassy in the World "Megjashi" who were actively involved in dealing with the refugee crisis since its beginning - two years ago when the refugees from the Middle East, most of them from Syria, were crossing Macedonia as part of the Balkan refugee route - today are leaving for Turkey to implement a humanitarian action.

Namely the representatives of these two humanitarian organizations are going to visit the camp for children without parents and parental care in Hatay, near the border with Syria, which houses about 360 children who will be awarded parcels of food and clothing.

In the conversation to Anadolu Agency (AA), Rexhepi and Zmijanac informed that they will finalize their joint project that has lasted more than two months, and it consists of two stages.

In the first part of the project different subjects were included and were organized various informational and educational events to provide better and more comprehensive explanation of the agony through which the refugees from the Middle East pass, especially the children, while the second part, which is charity, they decided to make something for the refugee children from the Syrian city of Aleppo where there has been a war for years.

"We decided to do something for the children who have been evacuated from Aleppo in camps across Turkey, with our partners in Turkey and it needs to be completed on 20th June. We, as representatives of the citizens who donated from Macedonia, intend to spend a period of time with those children, to convey the messages of peace and the messages of care. They will be given both food and clothes parcels. We want in these last days of the month of Ramadan to spend Iftars with them," said Jasmin Rexhepi, from the Non-governmental Humanitarian Organization "Legis" from Skopje.

"In 2016 there was an awful offensive, a wholesale ethnic cleansing, where many people because of the war left their homes because the city of Aleppo was barricaded. The international community reacted here, mostly Turkey, which has pulled the civilians out and gave them shelter in Turkey. The world has to know for this. Children must not suffer, and that is way their voice has to be heard even in Macedonia. We must not allow such sufferings to happen, it is important that someone somewhere in the world know about their suffering and that they are not forgotten, "Rexhepi added.

In the conversation, he informed that a partner in this project is IHH, which is one of the largest humanitarian organizations in Turkey.

Dragi Zmijanac, the president of the First Children’s Embassy in the World "Megjashi" says that the message "Macedonia with love for Aleppo" touched the people who showed solidarity.

“Through the program of Peace Education, some professors were activated to help with fundraising. There were activities together with “Legis”. "I must say that, personally, I am pleased by the interest of the citizens. We are going there to give support to the children and send a message that the biggest victims in any conflict are children", said Zmijanac.

According to him, children everywhere in the world should be given simple respect for their rights, but when there are wars and exoduses, their rights cannot be expected to be respected.

"Macedonia has dealt with the refugee crisis respectively. About accepting the fate of the people there were empathy and sympathy among the citizens, and there was not resistance to assisting and supporting the children, "recalls Zmijanac.

Once they complete the schedule, the First Children’s Embassy in the World "Megjashi" and the Non-governmental Humanitarian Organization "Legis" from Skopje, will hold a public event in Macedonia where they will share the impressions with the public and will inform about the completed humanitarian project for the refugee children with more details.

source: anadolu agency