Networking and Communication Skills

On 17 and 18 June 2017, as part of the Capacity Building and Staff Training funded by EPIM (European Programme for Integration and Migration), the employees and associates of Legis attended a two-day training course on Networking and Communication Skills.

The programme of the training course consisted of the following topics: what is networking, networking methods, fear of communication and how to overcome it, theories of personal development, communication processes, types of communication and active listening.

As part of the sessions, the participants were supposed to introduce themselves to the others. After discussing the abovementioned points, the participants proceeded to carry out two team building and cooperation activities. The first one involved discussions on various topics in pairs and exchanging opinions, whereas in the second one, they were supposed to construct two towers, one made of newspaper, and another one of straws. The aim of these two exercises was to give the participants an opportunity to put into practice the theoretical part of the training course and what had been discussed previously.

On the second day, the participants acted out certain everyday situations such as commuting to work, running late for work, and eventually perform pantomime.

In conclusion, the sessions were very interactive, informative and will most certainly be very useful in everyday tasks, as well as when participating and representing Legis in national and international training courses, seminars and conferences.