EU has provided 2.9 billion euros for the refugees in Turkey

EU has provided 2.9 billion euros for the refugees in Turkey

2.9 billion euros, as aid for the refugees that are now residing in camps in Turkey promised by the EU, have already been provided, the European Commission announced. 3 billion euros in total had been promised for the 2016-2017 period.

Following the Ankara deal, 48 agreements had been signed at a total value of 1.6 billion euros, and 811 million euros have been delivered by the EU so far. By the end of 2017 additional 714 million euros will be allocated, Brussels officials state.

One of the most important projects focuses on socio-economic support, improvement of skills of the Syrian refugees, as well as improvement of the reception centres in Turkey. Within these projects, the refugees are offered language and other occupational courses. The last agreement worth 50 million euros includes Turkish language classes, which would help the refugees integrate more easily into the Turkish labour market.

The European financial aid was promised to Turkey back in 2015 when both sides agreed that Ankara should help limit the refugee influx and irregular migration to Europe. In exchange the EU had promised financial aid and provision of better conditions for the refugees.

In the 2016-2017 period, 3 billion euros should be delivered to Turkey – 1 billion coming from the EU budget, and 2 billion coming from the EU member countries.

Besides social skills improvement of the migrants, the money will be used for enhancing conditions in the camps and centres.

source: denar