Addressing the Humanitarian Emergency in the Mediterranean and Western Balkans

On 21 July 2017, Legis participated in a capacity-building/networking event organized in the framework of the EPIM Sub-Fund on “Addressing the Humanitarian Emergency in the Mediterranean and Western BalkansĖ®, which took place in Athens, Greece. Alongside Legis, other CSOs, namely from Serbia, Italy, Greece and Hungary also took part in this one-day event.

While the humanitarian situation in the Western Balkans and the Mediterranean was the focus of the media in 2015, it seems that the interest of the public in this issue has progressively diminished. Nevertheless, despite having limited means and funds local NGOs and volunteers from Serbia, Greece, Italy, Hungary and Macedonia have kept coping with the urgent nature of this humanitarian situation.

The main objectives of this event are to find solutions to deal with challenges faced by the NGO sector when carrying out its humanitarian work and enhance and develop the donor/funder communication.

Each of the organisations had the opportunity to present its work and projects and talk about the local context in which each organisation works. In addition, the representatives of the CSOs discussed the current situation along certain migratory routes thus explaining how different local contexts are actually interconnected. Part of the sessions was also dedicated to elaborating on specific challenges faced by the CSOs’ beneficiaries as well as future opportunities and to raising awareness about the current reality in the field in these countries.

Apart from the abovementioned, the aim of this networking event was to share experiences and good practices on “Addressing the Humanitarian Emergency in the Mediterranean and Western BalkansĖ®.