France, Germany and Italy to Prepare a Rulebook for NGOs Working with Migrants

The Ministers of Interior of France, Italy and Germany respectively have agreed to prepare a rulebook on code of conduct aimed at NGOs aiding migrants in the Mediterranean Sea.

The plan will be submitted to the 28 member states of the European Union this week. It allows for strengthening the strategy of the EU of returning migrants to their countries of origin and providing the UNHCR with additional support in terms of improving housing conditions in Libya and the allocation mechanism in Greece and Italy.

Moreover, the joint declaration of the European Commissioner on Migration, Dimitris Avramopoulos and the three ministers, Gerard Collomb from France, Marco Minniti from Italy, and Thomas de Maiziere from Germany, states the aim of the plan which is to reinforce protection of the Libyan coast, as well as limit the flow of migrants to Italy. They express their “determined solidarity with Italy where more and more people arrive.”

Last week, Rome called upon the EU countries to open their ports to ships for saving migrants’ lives in order to mitigate the flow to Italy.

However, “the partners concluded that that wouldn’t be the most appropriate solution to the emerging situation because it would be counterproductive”, Collomb’s colleagues said. According to them, “the idea is to cooperate in order to reduce the growing infrequent flow” and “help the Italian people to cope with those coming to Italy.

The rulebook on code of conduct will be prepared and presented by Italy and its goal is to improve the cooperation with the NGO sector that’s active in the Central Mediterranean.

source: telma