Representatives of Legis at the reception of the German Minister of State for Europe, Michael Rot

The President of Legis, accompanied by the general secretary of Legis, Mersiha Smailović, met the German Minister of State for Europe, Michael Rot, accompanied by the German ambassador to Macedonia, Christine D. Althouser.

At the reception, organized by the German embassy of Skopje, the German diplomat, Rot congratulated the President Redjepi on the overall successful response and work with the refugees in the Republic of Macedonia. The German Minister of State for Europe, Rot expressed great support for the new political changes in Macedonia and interest in the work of the civil sector. He complimented, in particular, on the integration of the civil sector in the reform processes, as well as the good neighbourly relations promoted by the new government.

 “Legis as an organization is oriented towards inclusive policies of openness towards the refugees and the entire public which wants and can help in the realization of protection of refugees and irregular migrants’ human rights.  Bearing in mind that the route is still operating unofficially, we should pay attention to all the cases of migrants transiting through the country and we must not allow any institution to violate their rights. Moreover, we strive to build bridges of cooperation with the civil sector of our neighbours and the one of the international community, which assist us in our joint efforts in the migratory flows”, the president Redjepi stated. He also expressed his gratitude to the Minister of State for Europe for the great friendly and responsible help provided to Legis by the German partner humanitarian organisations and to the German Embassy in the process of coping with the refugee crisis, integration and respect for human rights of refugees.

Apart from that, they discussed several matters such as: the risk of a new refugee influx, the aid provided by the EU for the refugees in the Republic of Turkey as part of the EU-Turkey deal for stopping the refugee flow and its progress, as well as the family reunification case of Mr. Nuri, who has been residing in the TC Vinojug, Macedonia for a year and a half now.

The German diplomat Rot announced that the Republic of Germany would continue its support for the civil sector in Macedonia. He also added that Germany would continue working on the refugee integration and its positive welcoming policy towards them. At the reception, representatives of Legis established contacts with other significant representatives of the diplomatic scene in Macedonia, such as the US ambassador Jess Baily and EU Ambassador to Macedonia Samuel Zhbogar.