Mr. Nuri is preparing his good bye party with Syrian food at the refugee center Vinojug in Gevgelija.

Nuri Stad is the only refugee who stayed in Macedonian refugee centers for 16 months, patiently waiting for the reunification with his family in Germany.

He is 60 years old engeneer from Aleppo, Syria, who was with the last group of 1500 refugees who were stuck in March 2016 at the closing of the Balkan route. All of them have found theirs way to go further in Serbia or to go back to Greece or to ask for asylum in Macedonia.

 He decided to wait patiently and to learn german language during this time. And he was so good at learnig german, that Legis team provided books for him for tree levels, which means he will we be ready enough for his integration in Germany. 

Today he was making his goodbye event for the staff at the refugee center Vinojug in Gevgelija. He was cooking Syrian food and having fun as never before. He is so happy to travel and see his family after so long time, and we are also very happy for him.

We wish him a safe journey and peacefull life with his family.