The Ombudsperson for the illegal deportations from Macedonia

Memeti: Police removed violently 18 refugees from Tabanovce

“The night between 16 and 17 July, Macedonian police officers had entered the Transit Centre Tabanovce and had removed violently 18 foreigners i.e. migrants or refugees”, the Ombudsperson Memeti pointed out.

The Ombudsperson of the Republic of Macedonia, Idjet Memeti presented the “National Preventive Mechanism” report regarding the situation of violation of freedom, emphasizing that the night between Saturday and Sunday, Macedonian police officers had removed 18 foreigners from the Tabanovce Transit Centre, using violence against them, Anadolu Agency announced.

Memeti stressed that the information had reached the Public Prosecution Office early in the morning through an NGO, and added that a team of the Ombudsperson’s office was on the field investigating the case in question. He says that the camp management staff have confirmed the use of violence against the refugees.

During the night from 16 to 17 July, Macedonian police officers entered the Tabanovce Transit Centre and removed violently 18 foreigners i.e. migrants or refugees from their housing. “According to the information provided, ten of them had been deported back to Greece, whereas eight had managed to run away and are near the Transit Centre or in the surrounding villages”, Memeti added. He also underlined that among those removed from the Transit Centre was an asylum seeker. The competent institutions, instead of enabling them the right to access to asylum, they used force to remove them from the camp.

Source : anadolu agency